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Wow that's some Dog!

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The WAKADOG Challenge

Here it is, The challenge you have been waiting for.

We start off with 1/2 a loaf of Italian bread.

We add Two (2) 1/2 pound foot long dogs prepared Chicago style...

But wait we are not done.......

We then add 3/4 of a pound of BBQ Pork

Still not done........

Next we add a generous helping of coleslaw.

Nope still not done.....

Now we add a 1/2 lb of fries.

Getting close....


Covered with Chili and Cheese......  And then....

The Challenge is ready.

Are you ready for it?

* Please note*
The Challenge must be scheduled in advance. Please call Wakadog to set up your time. 
"If" you finish the challenge within the 30 min time frame it is FREE....